ESPN is Aware of PSaMP

Deadspin is a lifeline to small, biased bloggers like yours truly. I don’t write for the fame or notoriety. If I wanted that, I would pick a topic that has a larger audience. Yinzers and mini pony lovers don’t populate the entire world. I know that.

Its done out of passion. PSaMP doesn’t have a huge readership, because if it did, there would be no way I’d be losing to a stretched-out Baba Booey from Howard Stern in the Hot Blogger Bracket. Just kidding, Joe Speaker. I’m starting to appreciate your site(s).

Getting to the point, I like to check in on who visits my site, and how they found it. Its actually really easy, especially when you run a biased blog that averages a manageable amount of hits a day. When Deadspin picks up a story, like it did with my Ben Roethlisberger/motorcycle crash anniversary post today, it gets increasingly difficult to monitor my visitors. Deadspin mentions = golden.

I just found it funny that tWWL used Deadspin as a vehicle to access my site today. PSaMP has gotten several reads from the Bristol campus, and this specific visitor has checked PSaMP out before. ESPN and sportsblogs are in a constant struggle, basically because blogs can criticise ESPN and sports stories to a level that is unacceptable at tWWL. As sportsblogs become more relevant, and Deadspin reaches new levels of prominence, ESPN’s claim to be “the World Wide Leader” takes another hit.

Is this a life-changing event, that ESPN reads sportsblogs? Hell no. I’d be foolish to even make that claim. It just makes a small, biased sportsblogger feel proud that someone at the big E used a major sportsblog to eventually access my stupid mumblings. Kinda makes me feel important, on some small, barely significant level.

And to all of you who check out PSaMP everyday, don’t think your reads go unrecognized. I know where you’re from, and how you find me. Not to a creepy, stalker-esque level, but to an appreciative, thankful level.

So read on. It means a lot on this end.

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