Fast Bill Graces ESPN The Mag Cover

Oh no, Fast Bill is on the cover of the latest ESPN the Magazine. I don’t read ESPN the Magazine, so I’m sorry if this is old news to you. I stick with Sports Illustrated. However, as long as there is no ESPN the Mag curse (as there is with SI), I’ll allow the photoshoot.

Willie’s starting to make waves now that he’s leading the league in rushing through the first five weeks. There’s even a slim chance Willie could still be atop the list after this coming bye week, that is, if guys like Willis McGahee, Edgerrin James, Ronnie Brown and LaMont Jordan have subpar games. Travis Henry, who is second on the list and only 9 yards behind Parker, is also on a bye. And he could still be suspended for smoking pot.

If he keeps up this pace, he could do something that his predecessor, Jerome Bettis, never accomplished. Bill could take the league’s rushing title. I know its early, but its fun to dream.

If he does that, he’ll need a Bus-like nickname. I’m thinking Heir-Bus (get it, heir-bus = airbus). The only way to prove that you’re an heir to a team legend is to do something that will be remembered in the league (think Steve Young asking for the monkey to be taken from his back in the Super Bowl).

Or we could just stick with Fast Bill/Willie. That works, too.

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