Fast Bill to Debut His ’07 Skillz Against Redskins

I’m sorry. I truly am.

I needed to apologize for not being able to post yesterday, which included the absolutely rare omission of a tiny horse of the day. Internet access has been shaky at best for the past several days, and yesterday included no internet. At all. I’m hoping it doesn’t kick out while I’m writing this, because at this point, I’ve prepared myself to expect anything.

But I’m back. And so is Fast Bill. Appropriate timing, #39.

Fast Bill’s 10-day absence was felt by a much larger audience than my small sabbatical. However, Parker will make his preseason debut against the Redskins on Saturday night.

“I think I’m ready now,” Parker said after going through a full afternoon practice. “I’m 100 percent. It’s the other things I need to work on, like the plays. I’m trying to get that back in my memory bank.”

Parker wanted to play last week, but was held out for preventative reasons. His acceleration was down, and I don’t fault Tomlin for holding him out of an extra game.

With Fast Bill in the lineup, I have to say that the Skins have no chance (take that, MattyG). My buddy is a huge Skins fan, and he went to college with me at St. Vincent. Nothing like a Skins fan (or any other fan, for that matter) at Steelers training camp.

I’m anxious to see what kind of RB depth chart Tomlin uses. Bill will be playing approximately 20 snaps with the first team. Najeh is sure be up there, with Verron Haynes and Kevan Barlow also filtering in. Gary Russell looked strong last week, and Carey Davis proved himself the week before. Will Davis see more playing time this week? Or will Iron Mike reward Russell for his 6.2 yards per average against the Pack?

Good to have you back, Bill. You presence will add another dynamic element to the offense (who needs to rebound after last week).

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