Finally Some Closure In That Steeler-Impersonator Case

Brian Jackson is well known in these parts. A little while back, this car salesman pretended he was several different members of the Steelers in order to get dates/cash/other perks.

In a related story, I think my sister knew one of the girls who Jackson fooled.

Well it seems Mr. Brian Jackson, who impersonated TE Jerame Tuman, backup QB Brain St. Pierre and QB Ben Roethlisberger, is going to jail.

The gig started in 2005, when Jackson pretended to be St. Pierre and Roethlisberger in order to get chicks. He was told to undergo counseling, and spent 30 days in jail.

Apparently, Jackson felt his looks could score him some green as well as some tail. In 2006, Jackson received a $3,200 loan from a woman by claiming he was Tuman. Hell, if someone told me that they were Jer-aim, I’d give ’em $3k, no questions asked, too.

Also, in looking at archived stories about the case, I came across a Trib article with this lovely photo description of the 3 impersonated athletes and Jackson himself. I must say, the similarities are staggering.


St. Pierre


The ever-so-pale Jackson

Enjoy your 90 days in the slammer, Jera…, I mean Brian. Just tell the other inmates that you’re from the Steelers. That should protect your fanny.

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