Happy St. Patty’s Day

the pirates are currently playing boof bonser and the twins. minnesota is winning 2-0. the pirates are wearing green hats in honor of st. patty, or in honor of the faces of pirates fans when thinking about any pirate-related thought since the 1992 nlcs. whatever the reason, they look better than the pring training/batting practice hats that teams have been forced to wear with the dumb little side panels on them. the green hats are completely free of the silly panels. this link shows similar mlb green pirates hats, but not the exact ones worn by jim tracy’s crew today.

pens won last night. 6-3. crosby had 2 goals, christensen had 2 goals. pens took over 4th place in the eastern conference, with a critical matchup against #5 ottowa tomorrow.

espn.com has an article about jordan staal (little late, espn). thaks anyway, david amber.

pitt plays eric maynor and vcu at roughly 5:50 P.M. great. pitt gets to play villain against another small school with big dreams (see dewayne wade and marquette vs. pitt).

gotts go to work. ill get you a mini pony asap!