Heeeeere’s Tecmo

What’s up, folks! I’m back from my short hiatus…how about that?!

I’m not going to discuss the Steelers loss at all. Its over and done. I was pleased to see the Penguins get back to a plus-.500 record in my absence, and they only sit 4 points behind the stupid surprising Flyers.

I must send a massive thank you to your PSaMP fill-ins, amateur Cate, who posted as doxastic, and Eddy Spaghetti. Applause must go to both of ‘em, because it might be the first time in blogosphere history that an amateur sportsblogger and a Penguins blog both made the Post-Gazette’s Blog ‘N’ Gold, the awesome Steelers blog (and one of my must-reads) run by a major newspaper. Well done.

My trip went well, but it feels good to be back in Southwestern PA. I tried to look for hilarious town or road signs, a la Beavis and Butthead Do America (huh huh…Butte), and the best I could do was a road named:

Slaymaker Hill.

The only reason it was funny in my mind was because there is a Haymaker Road out in Monroeville, and the word slay just kills me.

While I’m on the subject, the best road name near me is Slaughter Hollow. I’m still not sure why anyone would name a road that.

Back to the contributors…they treated you well, no? It appears that I may need to take several more extended trips in the coming weeks/months, so if you liked the contributors, be sure to tell me to bring ‘em back. Hell, this is PSaMP for the People! Its all about you, the readers.

I just wanted to check in so that you know I’m back. I hope you didn’t plan a coup to have Eddy Spaghetti permanently take my place here at PSaMP miss me too much.