Hey Baby, You Wanna Play Some Bunco?

sage steele hosted sportscenter last night. stuart scott was hitting on her so hard. and she was playing up to his lazy eye. heres my own transliteration on the conversation between hottie sage and stu the eye during the 11 pm sportscenters top ten plays:

stu: “number 8…sage told me i had to do the evens so i
could get this highlight. its the bunco championships!”

sage: “one of your eyes is looking at me.”

stu: “girl, whats it gonna take for you to dress up in one
of those dresses?” (side note: stu was talking about the suburban white women who
were playing bunco in the highlight, and they all seemed to be wearing the same,
dress barn-style soccer mom-ish flowery dress)

sage: “yeah, and maybe i’ll put my hair up in curlers,

stu: “boo-ya baby, thatd be da bomb. i would raise the roof
*does played-out mid-to-late-90s “raise the roof” gesture with hands* if you
would do that. and the Lord said, youve got to rise UP!”

sage: “huh? (still creeped out by the eye)”

stu: “…cool as the other side of the pillow…”

thats pretty much how it went down. i gotta say, if i was hosting sportscenter last night, i would probably hit on sage as well, without the whole “raise the roof” deal.

sage was just recently hired by espn, after leaving comcast sportsnet. she was an original anchor of the show.

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