I Jinxed MAF. Please Accept My Apologies

Sorry, Pens fans.

Everything was going well until the 3rd period. Prior to the game, MAF had stopped 66 of 67 shots in the past two games, both of which were one-goal victories. The Pens and Leafs were tied at 1, and I was looking like a genius for proclaiming that MAF had rebounded nicely. Then, the Two-Face MAF showed up. Actually, if MAF keeps up this inconsistent play, I might just start calling him Harvey Dent.

5-2 Leafs. Damn.

So, Pens fans, I’ll accept any and all blame for the loss last night. I kept my mouth shut while MAF struggled early in the season, and I proceeded to open my face-hole right when he seemed to be playing at the level we all expect out of the former #1 pick. My foot went farther and farther into my mouth with each of the 4-3rd period goals. I think its safe to say that foot, ankle, calf and knee are now swallowed.

I jinxed MAF. I’m sorry, Penguins Nation.

** /side note – That’s Lil Jinx on MAF’s shoulder, for those of you who never dominated Archie Comics back in the day. And MAF’s grandpa glasses are superb.


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