Ike Taylor = Defensive Player of the Week

Somewhere, Bill Cowher is scowling.

Hey, baby. Hey, baby.

The tipsy fool (if you can trust Webshots) between these two gorgeous mark ass tricks, also known as Bill Cowher’s scapegoat (other than Ricardo Colclough), was named Defensive Player of the Week.

Ike’s 5 tackles, four passes defended and one goal line pick secured his spot as the best defensive player in the league last week.

Even though James Farrior had a monster game, it was fitting that the honor went to a DB. The win was the first-ever shutout at Heinz Field, primarily due to the blanket coverage provided by Pittsburgh’s secondary.

Applause to you, Ike. See if Coach Tomlin wants to bench you as quickly as Cowher did.

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