Illegal Immigrants Are Bandwagon Steelers Fans

I laughed too hard at this gallery of criminals who were busted in their favorite team’s gear at The Smoking Gun.

Sports franchises love nothing more than fans shelling out for a replica of their favorite player’s jersey. Of course, seeing the garments on a perp when he/she is posing for a mug shot, well, that’s the kind of marketing no team desires. On the following 18 pages, recent arrestees show their allegiance to the Los Angeles Lakers, Denver Broncos, Philadelphia Eagles, Phoenix Suns, Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Cavaliers, Toronto Raptors, Denver Nuggets, and other clubs.

The article was brought to my attention yesterday by Will at Deadspin, and Awful Announcing also has a funny take today.

Of course, there had to be someone wearing the black and gold.

Honestly, couldn’t ese dish out a few more bucks for the authentic jersey? This one looks like it was made in art class. In 1986.

At least dude is showing his allegiance. I guess any press is good press.

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