Its Time For A Big Boy Wallet

I just finished watching Cavemen, the new ABC sitcom based around those hilarious Geico commercials. I gotta say, the show has some potential.

The show itself wasn’t bad (it wasn’t great either), but Jeffrey Daniel Phillips, who plays Maurice (the original, Roast duck with the mango salsa caveman) absolutely steals every scene he’s in. He isn’t one of the main characters, but every one of his lines were perfect.

However, the dude from those Raisin Bran Crunch commercials, where the employee eating the cereal can’t here his boss, plays one of the main cavemen. He’s the employee in the commercial, and I can’t get his face outta my mind when I see him in this show. Obvious downer, but Maurice and fellow caveman Nick pick the show right back up. If you missed it, I suggest tuning in next week.

I’ll probably give the show another watch. You should, too.

How bout you give daddy a couple travies…

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