Jason Bay and the Pirates Beat the Cubs 3-2

Jason Bay’s homer in the 8th put the Buccos ahead for good after Ronny Paulino’s RBI double in the 7th erased an early 2 run deficit. Final score, 3-2. Bay’s opposite field shot came with 2 outs in the inning. Matt Capps (2-0), a great young arm in our stud ‘Pen, earned his 2nd win of the month. By comparison, the Cubs’ relievers have a season record of 0-7. Looks like all the money the Cubs spent this offseason could have been better spent elsewhere (the bullpen, duh).

Zach Duke allowed a run in the 1st (he really needs to stop doing that so I can quit repeating that line) as well as one in the 2nd. He was able to compose himself and combine with the ‘Pen to shut the Cubbies out the rest of the way.

That’s all you get (for now, at least). I’m currently on a business trip and I have no access to a computer. Plus, I have a presentation and a test, because I’m also trying to get my B.A. in a week and a half. That’s why this is coming straight up, live from my phiznone (phone, sorry).

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