Jeremy Green Thinks The Steelers Are So Solid

this is seriously the biggest picture i could find of jeremy green. he wrote a solid article about the steelers, in’s solid “on the clock” section for all nfl teams in the offseason. he discussed the key additions, key losses and remaining questions for the steelers before draft day comes. in the “key losses” section, every guy that left was solid. hartings was a solid leader and whisenhunt was a solid offensive coordinator, but dont worry, pittsburgh fans, the new staff coming in is solid as well! sweet. all i know is that the steelers have way too much solid talent, and fans should expect a solid year from a team coming off a not-so-solid (liquid?) season.
oh yeah, one last thing. on fsn pittsburgh on the night of the pirates opener, stan savran unveiled the new fsn pittsburgh studio on the north shore. his first words on camera were, i kid you not, “hi pittsburgh and welcome to our new crib!” i just thought that was an interesting choice of words for mr savran. using the word “crib” in a serious conversation describing a house, building, apartment, etc. seems a little socially awkward for people over 30 years old. im not picking on the over-30 crowd, but stans been a sports media figure in pittsburgh for just about 30 years. so even if he started reporting sports news in pittsburgh as a fetus, stan still does not meet make my cutoff. savran looked a little awkward saying it, so maybe it wasnt his idea, totally. either way, he said it, and it stuck in my head. and now its in yours.