Joey Porter Does Not Hate Pittsburgh

According to John Harris, Joey Porter has no ill feelings to the city he spent 8 years in. A lot of local coverage had Joey mad at the organization, and wanting to extract some sort of revenge. Joey, though, nixes any ideas of bad feelings between the himself and the Steelers.

I initially had trouble with the decision to let Porter go to the Dolphins, but a common theme arose over the Steelers within the past several months. Embrace change. This isn’t the Bill Cowher-era anymore. Many Steeler fans are walking into unchartered land, because its hard to picture the Steelers sideline without the Chin. But its Mike Tomlin’s turn. Joey Porter was a Cowher-era player. Porter and Cowher even shared a kiss. The kiss was weird, if I might add. If he was still on the team, there would be a “Cowher-is-still-kinda-here” vibe. And that is not fair to Tomlin.

I’m glad that Joey is being a class act about the whole departure from Pittsburgh. He understands the business side of the game, and looks like a sane man compared to Alan Fancea recently.

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