Joey Porter Hates Bengals

i dont care that hes no longer a steeler. joey porter rules. his trash-talking, ferocious play, getting shot in the asscheek, and punching levi jones in the face makes him, as well as the nfl, more entertaining. i have no problem that porter, a fan favorite, will now play his football in miami. joey seems to be the type of player that respects nfl rivalries, and i dont think he would ever go to the browns, bengals, ravens, etc. unleashing hell on levi jones in a neutral site goes to prove that.

texas lost. i didnt really jump on the durant-bandwagon. i actually had them losing in the first round. its gotta be tough for longhorns fans, knowing that they will never again see kevin durant play in college. he is a freak. i love watching him play, but the inexperince of both durant, although he had 30 points, and the longhorns ended up costing them a meaningful march run. that, and having rick barnes as a coach.

and everyone is still buzzing over jarkko ruutu. why not? its jarkko ruutu!

finally, does anyone wonder why, although dj gallo has had some good material here and there for’s page 2, sports pickle sucks? that site makes me mad.

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