Know Your Role, Steely McBeam

Steely McBeam.

Say those two words, and chills run through the collective spine of Steelers Nation.

The Terrible Fan. Stevie Steeler.

Say either of those two names, and you will receive high five after high five.

Many people knew the Terrible Fan. He looked like a giant Twinkie, and roamed Three Rivers as an unofficial mascot. When his tenure ended, he successfully used his platform to inform young kids about School Bus Safety. I vividly remember the lessons he brought to St. Edward parochial school. He also wore a stellar chinchilla.

Stevie Steeler was a much more mysterious cat. From 1983-1991, Stevie could be spotted at Steelers games, pumping up all Yinzers in attendance. But who was this ugly, childish creature?

Current City Councilman, Doug Shields, please stand up.

“I needed the money. It was honest work,” said Shields, 54, of Squirrel Hill, the city’s council president who 20 years ago was dabbling in theater. “It’s certainly an eye-opener on your resume.”

He wasn’t exactly a grizzled steel worker. He resembled a pale Cabbage Patch Kid, who was forced into child labor at the mills.

In my own personal opinion, I think Shields should don the Stevie guise again, and go toe to toe with Bill Cowher Steely McBeam. There has been way too much dialogue in the ‘Burgh regarding mascots lately (a lot of it done by me), and Stevie should just rise up, slay Steely, and take back his throne.

Another picture of Doug…er, Stevie, is below.

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