LaMarr Woodley’s 2nd Journal Entry

Don’t know how I missed this, but LaMarr Woodley updated his Yahoo Sports Recurring Rookie Journal on the 23rd. Entry #2 is right here.

No Keith Sweat in this entry, unlike entry #1 (PSaMP’s take on entry #1 is here), but it is still a good read. LaMarr talks about a rookie symposium where he listened to guys like Reggie Bush, Vince Young, Jamal Lewis and Roger Goodell. Lewis’s role was to tell the rooks to not use their cell phone to set up a cocaine deal. No joke…I’m completely serious.

He said he trained with Max Starks to get ready for training camp. Now all we need is to get Lawrence Timmons to try some of the same, lest he get injured again…oh wait, Lawrence Timmons did get injured again.

Go read LaMarr’s journal. Its cool to take a peek into the mind of a young guy preparing for his first NFL training camp.