Lance Jeter Is Better At Basketball Than You

So this is the real reason I opened the PSaMP MySpace page. I needed to signup if I wanted to post videos from MySpace directly to PSaMP. I don’t do the whole MySpace thing, but these videos were only available on MySpace. My dilemma, signup or don’t post these amazing videos.

This chronicles the greatness that is Lance Jeter. These are old, if you live in and around Pittsburgh. But if not, then you need to see these. Doubt About It first reminded me about this game with their excellent post on the state of basketball in the Steel City. I wasn’t at the game first hand, but I did witness the spectacle live on tv. Aliquippa vs. Beaver Falls for the 2005 WPIAL Class AA Title. The game went 3 overtimes. Superstud Lance Jeter buries the tying 3 at the end of the 4th quarter.

Then he wins it in the 3rd overtime…

Its only two years old, but the game is legendary around these parts. We may not ever see the likes of the NBA in Pittsburgh ever again, but I’ll take this instead.

With a defender in his face…

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