LeSean McCoy is a Beast

Pitt is currently down, 14-13, but they should be happy with where they sit considering how shaky the passing game has been. I just wanted to make a comment that Pitt RB LeSean McCoy (I’ve also seen Lesean and L’esean) is a nut.

He’s only a freshman, and at one point in the third quarter of today’s game, he had 143 of Pitt’s 193 total yards. To this point, he has 25 carries for 172 yards and a touchdown. His longest run was 64 yards.

Dude has some moves, and was looking like a Reggie Bush with power. If he’d learn to throw, he could probably have 10 or so completions, seeing as how Pitt keeps lining QB Kevan Smith as a WR, with direct snaps just going to McCoy. Even though Michigan State knew he was getting the ball every time, He still found a way to gain yards. I’m excited about his potential.

If you’re wondering about that stellar picture, I found it here. There’s a bunch more (1, 2, 3), including one of current sideline prowler, Pat Bostick. They are ripe for the Photoshopping, but the best I can do is MS Paint. We’ll see if that happens.

Wannstedt needed to put Bostick in to start the second half, and Smith’s best throw was dropped by Oderick Turner.

UPDATE: Michigan State is up 17-13. There’s about 2 and a half minutes left. Kevan Smith is still looking uncomfortable.

UPDATE again: 35 seconds left, 4th and way long. McCoy is on the bench. Completion! Wow.

Haily Mary and its incomplete. 17-14, Michigan State wins. McCoy finished with the above stats.

If you’re wondering about the picture below, it tuned up when I Google image-searched for “Lesean McCoy.” Great movie.

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