Lombardi Trophies Rule

This is for all the crybaby Browns fans who want to compare AAFC championships to Super Bowl wins. Just because your team was good several generations ago, before football was nationally accepted as it is today, that doesn't mean you have a valid point. Just because guys like Jim Brown excelled against 5 foot 11, 200 pound players who were splitting time between the novelty that was football and their ACTUAL jobs, that doesn't guarantee he'd be a HOFer today. We never see Brown's off-games, only NFL Films highlights of him running over defenders. Ask future HOFers like LaDainian Tomlinson how hard it is to run on our D.

And this is not a knock on Jim Brown, merely a statement that his greatness is partially defined by the era he played in. I respect him greatly, though.

Until you win one (just one, I'm not asking for five) of these beauties, your argument is ignorant.

This is the Super Bowl XL trophy, the only win I've been fortunate enough to see in my lifetime.

Cool trophy.