MAF Rules. As Does Chuck Thomas

So I hear you want a Do Not Disturb sign on your door, but the words Do Not Disturb are kinda weak and cliché. Well then, kind sir (or ma’am), I will direct you to the best (and most unique) Pittsburgh sports memorabilia shop on the ‘net, There, you can tell Do Not Disturb to shut the hell up, and instead, have MAF tell your visitors to Keep Out: Skilled Players Only! Buuurn.

Wow! MAF looks like he’s 4 years old on that door hanger. I mean, he only looks like he’s about 5 or 6 now, but he looks super young in this picture. Also, this might be one of the only instances where MAF is not smiling. Seriously, the dude smiles more than Donny and Marie combined.

There couldn’t be a better time to buy this door hanger for only $12.95 after S/H. Especially with his recent rebound in play. For those of you counting at home, MAF has stopped 66 of 67 shots in the past two games (both one-goal wins). Yes, MAF, you are a skilled player. You can enter whatever door this hanger rests upon.

Back to Chuck Thomas…he rules. Have a look around his site, you won’t be disappointed. Some of the items on the site are so out there that I have trouble wondering how Chuck got a hold of them. A Carlos Rivera game-used bat? And for only $63.70 after S/H? Awesome.

My two favorite objects, aside from this MAF door hanger, are pictured below.

Yes, that is a Tim Wakefield pewter Pirates baseball card on the left. Off the top of your head, where else can you buy that? Huh? I’m waiting…

The other is a Little Richard Troy Polamalu Steelers doll. Honestly, that thing looks exactly like Little Richard. And the proportions of the body are just creepy.

Thanks, Chuck. You’ve brought joy to my life.

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