Meet Your (Mandatory) Pirates All-Star: Freddy Sanchez

He of the .301 batting average, 1 home run and 1 triple variety. His name is Freddy Sanchez, and he is your (mandatory) Pirates ’07 All-Star.

In all fairness, Sanchez is leading the team with 89 hits, nine more than 2nd place Jason (didn’t get voted to the) Bay. Tony La Russa said he picked Sanchez based on his versatility and drive to win. He may not have the power, but he is known as one of the best contact hitters in baseball.

Plus, the team needed a representative. The MLB has the dumb rule of having all teams having one player in the midsummer classic. So horrible teams, like the Buccos, will have an All-Star despite the obvious lack of a marquee/elite player.

PSaMP is not trying to take anything away from Steady Freddy, and he must be applauded for making his second straight All-Star Game. I’m just merely poking at an asinine rule that prohibits deserving guys from making the team, while mandatory representatives fill the roster.

Oh, and you can still vote for Sloth from the Goonies…I mean Tom Gorzelanny, as the final, fan-voted All-Star invitee. The link is on the Pirates homepage. Because nothing says MLB All-Star like Tom Gorzelanny.

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