Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

This is going to be a very stripped down version of MMCNY. I'm out of state and only have my phone as a means of writing this. All in all, that comeback was perfectly timed, but should not have been needed in the first place. It was a true game of character, however, for both the Steelers and the Browns. Let's look at specific performances.

Ben. Carried the team in the 2nd half. If we keep playing like we did in the first 2 quarters, the team's gonna need him to carry them for the 2nd half…of the season. 4 of 5 helmets.

Fast Bill. Over 100 yards rushing. I'm not complaining. 4 of 5 helmets.

Silverback. Counting Special Teams, he's going to have 10 forced fumbles by year's end. I would've liked more pressure on Anderson early, but he also gets a 4 of 5.

Rest of D. Again, an awful first half trumped by a solid performance later. 4 of 5 for letting Anderson burn 'em early.

So errbody got 4s. If we lost, you could've expected straight 3s.

Any questions or concerns? Air 'em here.


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