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That game was so fun to watch. We did everything right, everyone looked sharp, Phil Simms wasn’t an idiot, etc.

No more sarcasm from me. I promise.

Now, I’m always excited for Steelers games, and never want to see the team lose. However, with the playoffs a week away and many a key starter on the sidelines, it was like watching your old high school jayvee squad get beat by the conference rival. The other team was better, and you took the beating, accepted the loss and moved on.

The Ravens wanted to end their season with a win. They got what they wanted. The Steelers wanted to rest a buncha guys while waiting for the playoff scenarios to shake out. That happened, too. Now, the Ravens winning doesn’t mean they are the better team. Today, yes. But the win did come against a team that is playing a meaningful game next week, and had most its stars roaming with the coaches. Next week, the Ravens will be on a beach somewhere…not competing for a potential Super Bowl.

Basically, the Steelers showed up, went through the motions and lost the game. I’m not overly pissed about it, mainly because the only good that could’ve come from a win would be a bump up in the seeding. And that outcome still hinged on the outcome of the San Diego game.

The best thing that happened in the game…Deshea Townsend forcing a 4th down early in the 1st quarter and giving the Dikembe Mutumbo-finger wag. I guess its only appropriate to do that when you’re over the age of 75, as is the case with Deshea/Dikembe. I can’t wait til I’m 75. I’m gonna do that all the time.

Charles Hatch. Sorry. That’s a pet name that Bob and I gave Charlie. I know the weather wasn’t that great, but Charlie struggled to find a vertical passing game. When he wasn’t handing off (or getting picked off), he was primarily throwing towards the sidelines. He did find Heath a couple of times, but failed to create first downs. He did heat up late, but the team needs Ben to challenge for the title. Let’s just pray we don’t need Charles in the playoffs. 3 out of 5 motorcycle helmets.

O-Line. Hey! Ben didn’t get sacked this week! 5 of 5 motorc…oh, wait. Whoops.

Najeh. Can we please play the Rams next week? Najeh’s best 2 games have been against St. Louis, but he can’t bank on meeting them in the second season. Because they suck. In the simplest form, Najeh failed to remove any postseason doubts. Without Fast Bill, the team is going to need Ben…in a big way. And Najeh is going to need to go for more than 50 yards rushing. 2.9 out of 5 motorcycle helmets for the Dump Truck. I don’t feel comfortable giving him a 3.

San Antonio. With no Fast Willie, San Antonio might be just as important as Ben Roethlisberger come playoff time. He’s a stud, and he’ll stretch the field. We could sure use San Antonio’s deep threat to set up Najeh for some big time holes with less guys in the box. 5 of 5 motorcycle helmets for Holmes.

D. I’m hoping Dick LeBeau/Mike Tomlin told the D to take it easy this week, because that was disgusting. I know there were a bunch of backups playing, but there were enough starters to at least make the game competitive. The game was not competitive…until it was too late. The D looked awful. 2 of 5 motorcycle helmets.

Forgive me for being so blasé this week. I know we lost, but I’d rather lose a meaningless game than a key starter due to injury. Our banged-up guys got a chance to rest, while backups saw actual, live-action snaps. It just felt like preseason. And I refuse to get all emotional over a preseason-type game.

Oh, and I just remembered, the Steelers are currently on a 4-game postseason win streak. Say something…

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