Move Over, Willie Parker. Make Way For Fast Torina Henley

In all fairness of this being a Pittsburgh Sportsblog, I like to occasionally update on some bizarre/non-popular sports happenings in the ‘Burgh. I’ve mentioned the Xplosion, Pittsburgh’s CBA team that is headlined by the one, the only, Kevin Pittsnogle. So with the NFL Draft only days away, football is starting to overwhelm my subconscious.

With the Steelers’ season still months away, only the Pittsburgh Passion can fill the “lack of football in the ‘Burgh”-void. What? You didn’t know that Pittsburgh had a women’s full-contact football team? The NWFA (National Women’s Football Association) has been around for awhile, and the Passion opened their 5th season in Pittsburgh yesterday. It was fitting that the Passion opened against a Cleveland-based team, the Fusion. Pittsburgh won (Of course), and are 1-0. Their record puts them atop the Central Division of the Northern Conference, ahead of the Erie Illusion (1-1), Cleveland (0-1) and the Central PA Vipers (0-2).

Torina Henley (above) rushed for 113 yards on only 17 carries in Pittsburgh’s 23-14 win at Cupples Stadium on Carson Street. That’s a 6.7 yards per carry mark for Henley, easily eclipsing the 4.4 yards per carry mark that made Fast Bill Parker a Pro Bowler last season. Just as I expect all Pittsburgh teams to win their respective championships each year (Yes, even the Buccos), I will be disappointed if the Passion fails me and doesn’t reach the title game, which is in only 89 days, according to the NWFA’s website.

Good win, Torina and the Passion. Keep it up and continue protecting your house (Cupples Stadium, below).

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