Movin’ On Up

Its been awhile since there’s been any hint of Passion news on PSaMP, so I’ll correct that mistake right now.

I’ll blame the lack of info on the start of the NFL season.I’ve been so preoccupied with the Steelers that Passion stories have been lacking nonexistent.

Well, Pittsburgh fans, your Pittsburgh Passion football team is changing leagues. This is old news, but I missed it during its original running. You can mock me and call me stupid as much as you want. I’ll allow it.

After winning the NWFA Championship, team owner Teresa Conn decided to move her team to the rival IWFL, or Independent Women’s Football League. This is a common occurrence. Former NWFA champ, the D.C. Divas, also made the jump to the IWFL after winning their NWFA title.

I liken the move to current IRL champ and Ashley Judd man-bitch Dario Franchitti moving to NASCAR. Sure, the IRL helped him get his name out there, but NASCAR is where he can become a completely bigger entity. Likewise, the NWFA provided the Passion with a jump-pad, while the IWFL will let the team face bigger and better competition.

The IWFL currently has 33 teams, and is the most successful women’s football league going. Honestly, what more was there to accomplish in the NWFA? The team went undefeated, and was never really in danger of losing. The rest of the league was womanhandled during the entire unbeaten path to the championship. The Passion dominated, and its time to see how they stack up against better-organized teams. I’m not knocking the NWFA, because without the league, the Passion wouldn’t be where they are now. I’m only saying that the move was necessitated by the demand for more competitive games. The IWFL will bring that.

Another big move…the Passion have a new head coach. Former coach Ron Coder is gone after winning the championship, and Offensive Coordinator Jeff Ogden, a former NFLer just like Coder, will take over the job. Coder overextended himself, since he is also chaplain at Pitt, and Ogden will hope to build off his success. Ogden is currently healing from a car accident.

Oh, and the last day of tryouts is coming up on September 15th. Tryouts will be held from 7:30 A.M. to 9:30 A.M. at North Allegheny High School. Go display your skillz.

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