MSNBC Concerned About Circular Weed?

What? MSNBC doesn’t seem concerned that there was weed, but that the weed was strangely circular. Marijuana reportedly round in small tin of pitcher’s SUV, reads MSNBC’s inquiry into the unfortunate passing of Cardinal’s pitcher Josh Hancock.

The gaffe has been fixed, and it now reads, Marijuana reportedly found in small tin of pitcher’s SUV. Looks like someone at MSNBC’s Sports Ticker was reading a little too much Engrish.

I’m not trying to poke fun at a horrible accident, and I’ve already let you know my feelings about Hancock’s passing. If the report is true, and Hancock was under some influence, I hope the unfortunate events surrounding his death don’t become the only way that people remember him. Sure, he was a mostly unheard of guy, who seems to have made a mistake. But mistakes are universal, and we are all only human. None of us have any any credibility to chastise Hancock’s choices, because its always easier to point out someone else’s flaws. Especially when that person plays such a visible sport like Hancock did.

Alright, enough lecturing. That post started out as a poke at a typo, and ended up strangely serious. I promise that this is the last typo that leads to a serious discussion. Typos should always be absurdly sophomoric.

Many thanks to Sheena Beaston for supplying the pic.

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