New Addition to the Site: Visitor of the Week

So PSaMP is adding a new feature to the lineup. Last week (or whenever it was) I showed you how ESPN visited the site. I find it humorous how certain people find PSaMP, or more imprtantly, why they find PSaMP.

To honor these visitors, I’m going to start posting my own Visitor if the Week, or VotW. Firdst it was PSaMP, then MPotD, and now VotW. I like letters. Big deal.

I wanted the initial VotW to be a visitor who found PSaMP by googling “Jeff Reed naked.” There was also a “Jeff Reed porn” search that somehow linked to my site. However, awesome links from The Big Lead, Awful Announcing and Mondesi’s House totally killed any chance of me getting back to that singular visitor.

Instead, this week’s VotW (retroactive to the previous week) is someone who obviously wanted to see if Kevin Pittsnogle was going to be drafted in next week’s NBA draft. The Pittsburgh Xplosion cannot afford this, seeing as how he’s their lone superstar.

So that’s the first installment of VotW! Next week’s will be posted when I find a cool/random enough visitor. So keep an eye out, because who knows when some crazy visitor will stumble upon PSaMP through odd means, thus rendering them a spot of notoriety as Visitor of the Week