Not Old News Anymore…

Hello all, the Eddy Spaghetti staff is back in the motherflooding house with tiny little pony for for your motherflooding mouth.

Mr. _Jackson is again going to be out of the loop so we’re playing the roll of Hiatus Daddy. Do you guys always keep this place like a bomb went off? We’re not judging.

What’s happened since we left? The Pens ran off a few wins after we asked if panicked hollering was in order. Fluery vs. Sabu was no longer just an ECW undercard. We got picked up by the Post-Gazette Steeler blog for questioning Mean Mike Tomlin’s young head coaching career. Despite wishing nothing but everlasting depression and pain on Red Sox Nation, they swept the Rockies and won the World Series. The managerial carousel of Major League Baseball started spinning out of control and despite a prominent vacancy, the empty bench coach position for the Rochester Americans was mentioned more often than the Pirates job.

Swear to God, if we hire Grady Little, Eddy Spaghetti is going to do a spend the rest of ’07 trying to hit themselves in the junk by jumping into the backswing of a well-thrown boomerang.

Hopefully we’ll have a very special Mini Pony today.

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