Oh God! The Night Terrors Are Starting Again!

Leave it to Will to bring up the bad memories.

Jeff Reed is at it again (More pics if you dare follow the link). No, no privates were involved this time, but he is shirtless, which is nearly as bad. Jeff’s still a fan of the manscaping, as the Deadspin pictorial clearly shows.

I justified my reasons for picking a kicker in round 2 of Awful Announcing’s Sportsbloggers Mock Draft. The first round of pictures were reason enough. After seeing these pics, I don’t think PSaMP’s pick of Mason Crosby was unjust at all.

Reed has a way of standing out. Unfortunately, it usually involves a naked part of his body.

I’m gonna go wash my brain. Let me know if anything (that’s not terrifying) happens while I’m gone.

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