Oh My God…No Triangular B.S.

The Penguins finally unveiled their new jerseys. The Post-Gazette has a video. The Pensblog has reaction. I say, “Cool, but I just want the season to start.”

The new Rbk Edge Unis are cool, and they are a welcome addition to a struggling sports entity that can use any good press. My first reaction was, “holy s, the logo/numbers are huge.” Why? Because the logo and numbers are huge.

After calming myself down for a minute, I searched and searched to see if that stupid triangular deal (which Pensblog calls a pigeon) made it onto the new threads. It did not. I can barely control my excitement.

I heard rumblings that the pigeon would grace the shoulder of the new unis. At least for 2007-08, it will not. In that place is a commemorative patch with the number 250.

For the ignoramuses out there (myself included), 250 stands for Pittsburgh’s 250th years of existence. Thanks for sneaking your special birthdays around, ‘Burgh.

I doubt the 250 patch lasts longer than a season, so there might be a blank canvas for the pigeon starting in 2008-09. Please, we need to think of ideas for the Penguins to use in that spot once this season is over. I really don’t want to see that triangular b.s. anymore, since I never really liked it. I’m saying, stick with the yearly theme, and commemorate years 251+. The Pens could totally start a trend, and I’d rather see 256 than this.

Whether you love or hate the new unis, there is one thing we can agree on. New unis mean the season is getting closer. After surviving (barely) a summer of nothing but the Pirates, the start of Steelers and Penguins season is nearly consuming me. We have bright sports futures to look forward to, people! Its September! The Pirates are barely relevant in our minds. We have multiple sports seasons about to start where each team has a chance of winning more games than they lose. Its unbelievable! I thought this time would never come.

Slow clap for the new threads.

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