One-Time Penguins’ Savior Balsillie to Try to Move Preds

This is news? Everyone in Pittsburgh knew Jim Balsillie wanted to move the Pens. Now he’s doing the same to the Preds.

This dude doesn’t even deserve any more mentions in Pittsburgh. He put on the “I want to keep the Pens in Pittsburgh” facade, but his knees buckled when Mario said the sale would only go through if the Pens stayed in Pittsburgh. Balsillie showed his true colors and left.

The Predator fan base holds no candle to that of the Pens, and Nashville is hardly a place for hockey. A move makes sense, but PSaMP just can’t stand Jim Balsillie. And PSaMP in no way manipulated his Blackberry on MS Paint. It actually said that. I saw it with my own two eyes.

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