Other Results From The Dave Littlefield Poll

The What is Dave Littlefield’s Legacy? poll has been up for too long, so its time for a new poll.

Before I reveal the latest poll, I want to show the answers you submitted in the Other section. I said to make them interesting, and you did not disappoint.

Some have been edited/censored. I try not to be overly crude at PSaMP.

- Fa*goty Retard
- idiot, moron and all-around bad gm
- vomit
- Borderline Retard
- Woohoo Izturis, we’ll win for sure!
- jackass
- smells like donkey vomit
- crazy f*cking bastard
- fa*got
- go to wikipedia and look up ‘douche’ … it is DAVE LITTLEFIELD to a T
- inside the athletes studio… littlefield a douchebag.. im willing to discuss
- im bored at work and want to get my point across that he is a douchebag
- thanks for the shout-out… glad you agree he’s a huge douchebag
- total douchebag
- free-basing douche
- bag o’ douche
- nutting’s nutsack
- blameshifting non talent
- a jackalope
- typical new age upper management
- The Biggest Douche in the Universe
- Kid Toucher
- Ass Clown
- DOUCHEBAG… in caps and in bold font
- did i mention he’s a douche?
- douchebag
- Nutting’s personal prostitute
- douchebag
- douchebag
- douchebag
- douchebag
- douchebag

I have to say, vomit might be my favorite.

3 people think Littlefield is the best GM of all time. I hope that was sarcasm at its finest.

Nutting Puppet wins with 28% of the vote. Douchebag, or other variations of douche, which was not even a provided choice, was 2nd with 20%.

Well done.