Panthers Win! (Add Your Own Imitated Harry Carey Voice)

pitt won. 79-58. cruised, as put it. good thing i posted that hardass picture of ronald ramon, because his numbers were pretty impressive last night. ramon’s season averages are 8.7 ppg/1.9 rpg. last night, he had a game-high 14 points, adding 7 rebounds. dude was 5 for 8 from the field, including 4 for 6 from beyond the arc. pitts gonna need the solid outside game of ronald ramon against vcu, who prevailed in a thriller over duke on eric maynor’s bucket with 1.8 seconds left (i know i said 1.5 last night, but i wrote that like right after it happened, and i was just happy that duke lost).
what this video doesnt show is maynor waving to the sideline, which happened right before this video starts. im still trying to find a longer version. the way way maynor made scheyer, paulus and mcroberts look like fools will make it hard to root against the guy when his rams take on pitt in the second round. my buddy mattyg, who is a big duke fan, actually picked vcu to win, and i loathe him for it.
anyway thats about it right now. i was driving and saw BP with a sign like i described yesterday, but regular wasnt the only price missing the final number, but PREMIUM WAS TOO! heres what the sign looked like then:
regular: 2.6_
premium: 2.7_
(inside, the fire rages)

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