Passion Defeat Mayhem, Land in Semis

PSaMP, your official unofficial Pittsburgh Passion blogger, is proud to report that the team has won their second consecutive playoff game, with a convincing 34-6 win over the Western Michigan Mayhem.

Lisa Horton stole the show, completing 10 of 18 passes for 195 yards and a touchdown. When she wasn’t using her arm, Horton turned to the ground, scoring two rushing touchdowns.

The two other members of the 3-H rushing group of Lyndsi Hughes and Torina Henley, combined for 180 yards on the ground and two scores. Hughes had 13 rushes for 91 yards, while Henley rushed 18 times for 89 yards. Hughes scored both touchdowns.

This end of the bracket’s top team, the Mass Mutiny, who went undefeated in the regular season, dropped their playoff game to the Cleveland Fusion, 12-7. This leaves the Passion, the 2 seed, as the highest-seeded team left. By way of the Mutiny’s loss, next week’s semifinal game against the Fusion will be played at Cupples Stadium. Home field advantage, baby!

Although the team swept the season series versus the Fusion, PSaMP expects a tough game out of Cleveland. They held the top team to only 7 points, so the 3-H group will really have to turn it on.

The best thing about the Passion? The fans. This poster (above) just barely demonstrates the level of enthusiasm present at Cupples. Last week, I saw what could be my favorite fan sign of all time. It read, Torina Henley is my Aunt! How many Duce Staley is my Uncle signs have you seen at Heinz Field over the past few years? Nada. Family, friends and fans of all sorts come to the games, and that fan base will only continue to grow along with the team’s success!