Pens Avoid Arbitration with Armstrong’s Beak-Nose

Winger Colby Armstrong showed the team he could levitate. The Pens rewarded him with a 2-year deal, successfully avoiding arbitration with all restricted free agents.

The Pens needed to keep him because his nose looks like a beak…so now they can probably get rid of Iceburgh, and just use Armstrong as the team mascot.

Armstrong started this past season on a rather slow note, but picked up the scoring as the season wore on. Its important to know that Armstrong was one of the first teammates that Sid felt comfortable with in his rookie season, so there was no reason to break up that kind of chemistry.

Colby brings the type of physical play that Gary Roberts would be proud of. Don’t believe me? Check out his hit on Trevor Letowski. Call it dirty…call it clean. I don’t care. Colby hits people in the mouth, and now he’s getting $1.2 large ones a year to do it. I would destroy Trevor Letowski for that kind of bank.

The Post-Gazette brings up an intriguing stat. Colby had 12 goals and 22 assists for 34 points this past year. Armstrong…

scored each of his 12 goals when the game was tied or the Penguins were trailing.

I’d say worth $1.2 bills a year.

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