Pens Ink Crosby!

Rejoice, Pens fans! Sid’s not going anywhere!

Crosby inked a 5 year/$45 mil deal to stay with the Pens.

With collective bargaining, Crosby was able to demand up to $10.06 mil a year, but settled for a cool $9 mil a year. It’ll give Shero a little wiggle room to help re-sign guys like Geno, Staal and MAF over the next 2 to 3 years.

This has turned out to be a legendary offseason for Shero. First, he re-signs Whitney to a 6 year deal, has a former top prospect fall into his lap at the 20th selection, signs Cup-winning veterans like Sydor and Sykora, brings back young contributors in Christensen and Talbot, then inks the regining MVP to a contract extension. At a bargain, mind you.

Well done, Ray Ray. You too, Sid. I’m gonna go be happy for a while. See you in a bit…

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