Pens Outwork Caps, Earn First Playoff Berth Since 2001

did you read that title? read it again. the pens beat the caps last night 4-3 (we really shouldve won 4-2, but im not getting into that yet). with the win, the pens assures themselves of a place in the playofffs for the first time in like a minute (in this instance, minute=6 years). and the win was cool, too, because the pens were down 2-0 real quick. after killing a 4 minute high sticking penalty to jarkko ruutu, the pens used momentum to pile on 4 goals in the first 2 periods. crosby scored while standing behind the net, but we expect that from sid. georges laraque and donald brashear fought, with steigy commenting that between the two big boys, there was “473 tough pounds on the ice” in the fight. i think laraque got the better of brashear, even though they just stood and looked at each other, then flailed around for a second (second=about a second) before falling on the ice, laraque on top. it was so short, but i give the edge to laraque for flailing a little better and falling on top of brashear.
the big reason last night was so special was because the pens are in the playoffs. im excited. its been a longer wait than it should have been, but the playoffs are gonna rule this year because the pens are not only in the playoffs, but have a legitimate shot at taking the whole thing (whole thing=lord stanley). new jersey also won last night (damn you, rick dipietro and your sore head), crippling the islanders run (they are currently ninth), and keeping the top of the atlantic division stagnant for at least a day. nj plays tonight, and their game will clear up the game that that the devils had in hand over the pens. hopefully, the eastern-leading sabres will beat brodeur, and allow the pens to take over first in the division on thursday in boston (didnt we just play them on sunday?). hopefully, the pens can follow up the 5-0 drubbing of the bruins when boston was in town this past weekend.
ill be back in a minute (minute=couple hours)
mpotd later…

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