Pirates Brass Downplaying Walk-Out

Apparently, Pirates management knows about the proposed walk-out on June 30th. And they are going to pretend like its not happening.

Unless you’re one of the 38,000 people (who am I kidding, probably more like 19-20,000) at the game on Saturday, or you plan on hanging out on the North Shore, you’re probably not going to see any coverage of the walk-out. The big boys are making sure that there is no media coverage of the protest in the 3rd inning.

One thing I didn’t know/think of… The walk-out is being held on Bob Walk bobblehead night. That. Is. Awesome. Perfect timing by Andy Chomos and Fans for Change.

Here are some of the steps that the organization is taking to prevent mass viewings of the walk-out.

– FSN Pittsburgh game crew is not to discuss the walk-out at all.

– All comments referring to the walk-out have been removed from the Pirates message board.

– FSN has agreed to not show any coverage of the walk-out.

– MASN, the media outlet covering the Nationals (Pittsburgh’s opponent) will be on commercial break. FSN will cut to commercial as well.

The only logical way to see any media coverage of the protest would be to tune into KDKA, WTAE or WPXI, the three local news agencies. KDKA has a Tower Cam on the roof of Gateway No. 1, which would provide good but not great images of the protest. PXI and TAE also have news helicopters that might be in service in the vicinity of PNC Park that night.

Although FSN has agreed to not cover the story during the game, they will discuss it on the bevy of shows after the game. Stan Savran and Pittsburgh Sports Tonight have already discussed the protest, and will continue to do so after Saturday’s game.

So, remember when I said that it was a long shot to have this protest reach the ears of the Buccos management? Well, it seems like it worked, on a very small level. The decision to not show any coverage of the walk-out?…Weak. I mean, if we’re pretending that the past 14 (going on 15) losing seasons haven’t happened, we might as well pretend like this protest isn’t happening as well. There’s nothing like ignorant bliss.

The team knows about the walk-out. Great. Time will only tell if the protest causes any changes.

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