Pirates Face Uncertain Times Without Littlefield

Sorry…I couldn’t say that without cracking a smile.

Joyous times are here! Dave Littlefield is gone! I can’t believe the Nuttings actually fired their puppet. Brian Graham, Director of Player Development, holds the interim tag for now.

The Post-Gazette has an open forum where people can discuss Littlefield’s legacy. At least this hasn’t already been done…you know, like 2 months ago right here at PSaMP.

And the P-G only needs to look at the results of the PSaMP poll about Littlefield’s legacy to get their answer.

28% – Nutting Puppet.
20% – Douchebag (or other variations of the word/phrase Douche).

Simple as that, P-G.

Can we go burn some couches or something, Pirate fans? This is great news!

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