Pirates Fans Planning a Walk Out

Jeez. It only took 14 years.

Disgruntled Pirate fans are planning a walk-out of the June 30th home game to show disgust over poor management and front-office decisions. More info/thoughts here. Many thanks to reader Julie_Gong, who PSaMP knows and loves, for tipping me off about the story.

Andy Chomos and Sean Lucas are the two organizers of the Fans for Change campaign, which they hope will show Pirates management the level of disappointment in today’s Buccos fans. They plan on having fans leave after the 3rd inning.

Chomos also wants the fans to wear green shirts, to symbolize money leaving the building. So if the fans throw themselves out of the upper decks and onto the field, would they figuratively be “making it rain?”

PSaMP is sorta on the fence about this one. Has the organization made some terrible decisions over the past 14 years? Yes. Do the fans, who paid for the stadium, have the right to walk out? Yes again. It sounds like a kickass plan, but when in the past 14 years has the organization actually listened to the fans? That answer is never. Sure, a walk-out might gain media attention, but I don’t see it as the means to an end. Is Dave Littlefield, sitting in his Lexus Club seat behind home plate, really going to redo the last (10 or so) draft(s) just because fans leave? Its not like PNC is full to capacity anyway. Unless, of course, its the All-Star game, or its fireworks night.

So PSaMP applauds the fans for sticking up for their team. I for one can’t stand the direction the team has gone since Sid Bream beat a Barry Bonds throw home some 15 years ago. The fans have the right idea. PSaMP just hopes that Pirates management listens for once.

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