Pittsburgh Passion Sportscenter Clip. Finally

I’ve been trying to find this clip for a while, but to this point, it had been unavailable on this fascinating World Wide Web. Crazy information superhighway was denying me access to see Lisa Horton as Sportscenter’s play #6 in the top plays.

Yes, this isn’t from the Cleveland game. Its from the game prior, when the team beat the Western Michigan Mayhem to advance to the Conference Finals. My sister saw this during the original airing and told me about it, but before I saw this clip, it hadn’t reached my eyes. That’s fixed.

Passion kicker Christy Laudadio uploaded the video to YouTube, so a huge Thank You must go to her. Also, a bigger shout out must go to reader smarchit, who emailed the awesome vid to PSaMP. Without their work, you wouldn’t be able to see this. Simple as that.

One more day…til Nashville…

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