Please Excuse PSaMP

Yeah, PSaMP is hurting for new posts. My sisters flew in from New York City for my college graduation, and I’m spending some time with them. Today was Baccalaureate, and tomorrow is my actual graduation from St. Vincent College (Steelers’ training camp, baby!). I apologize for the complete disregard for new posts, seeing as how I’m very busy right now. I promise that I’ll have some kickass content once all this graduation hooplah dies down. In lieu of new posts, here are some selected PSaMP posts that you might enjoy (or not. Yeah, probably not).

MSNBC Concerned About Circular Weed.
Reasons to Keep Watching the Bucs This Season. UPDATE. (Reason 14 pending).
Mike Penner Announces His Transsexuality.
Let Me Explain…
Grandma’s Boy Quotes. (For good fun).
Move Over, Willie Parker. Make Way For Fast Torina Henley.

Enjoy (or detest)…

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