Polamalu Deal is Near

We can almost stop holding our breath.

Steel City Insider Jim Wexell is reporting that a contract with safety Troy Polamalu is nearing completion. JJ Cooper at the Fanhouse has the scoop. Ryan, over at Heels, Sox and Steelers, is also reporting on the news.

This could be huge. Troy is currently making less money than Ryan Clark, who is in danger of losing his job to 2nd-year safety Anthony Smith.

Wexell keeps saying to check back with the Insider, since an announcement could be made any time.

Also, a deal may be imminent with 2nd rounder and PSaMP fave LaMarr Woodley. However, the Steelers might delay one of the two announcements so that either one is not overshadowed.

And I needed an excuse to post this kickass pic. Troy should use the trophy to crush guys like Ed Reed, Brian Dawkins, Adrian Wilson, Dawan Landry and Kerry Rhodes, all guys that are ranked above Polamalu at the safety position, as written by Clark Judge. Judge could also get smacked.