Porter vs. Silverback

So who would you rather have?

Last year at this time, Steelers fans couldn’t foresee the ’07 team without Joey Porter. James Harrison has helped ease the transition from a Porter-led defense to a Porter-less defense.

This week, Silverback gets his chance to state his case against the guy he’s helped Yinzers forget. Sure, the Dolphins are a horrible team, but we did just lose to the Jets. I’m not predicting anything.

This game s going to be eventful for the sole fact that these two guys will be going head-to-head, albeit at different time (defense doesn’t play defense, duh). I’m hoping Silverback continues to build on the foundation he laid since Week 1.

If this was boxing, it’d be a heavyweight bout. Porter has had a down year by his standards, and could be past his prime, but he’s still going up against his old team. Oh, and he made the All-Time team, so Silverback best be on his game. This is the perfect stage to complete the Joey-to-Silverback transition.

Game on.

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