PSAMP, Fan of the Sheed

Did you see sheeds 60 footer to tie the nuggets last night. he released the ball with 0.2 seconds left in the game, after scooping up a tipped nuggets inbound. sheed rules. he always reminded me of a mix between method man and redman, and has sick inside/outside skills, which means kevin durant look like a younger, more explosive sheed.
its tough during this time of year as a sports fan, when the local hockey team plays 3 or 4 games a week near the end of the season. after getting used to seeing the pens play back to back games, off nights seem to suck the life outta you. its not like back in the beginning of the season, when geno missed the first 2 weeks of the season, but really only missed four games. at the end of the season, 2 weeks of play will be 10-11 games. and once the playoffs start, the pens will be playing every other night. so these nights when the pens dont play, it feels like im missing something.
pens do play tonight, though. on the road, against the capitals. i know the caps arent nearly on the playing level of the pens, but washington seems to get hyped up for crosby/ovechkin games. the pens cant look past the caps, despite knowing the playoffs are only a week and a half away. ovechkin has 43 goals this season, and wears his sunglasses at night.
if the pens win and the devils lose, the pens take over the 2nd position in the east. i know ive been discussing that a lot lately, but its an exciting possibility. even gary roberts, on said he is excited:
Finishing second (in the conference as opposed to) finishing fifth for us is a
pretty big deal.

good call gary. 2nd is a pretty big deal. home-ice advantage against a 7 seed is a lot better than either end of a 4-5 matchup against the sens.

ill be back in a little. ill get a video of sheed ruling. and the mpotd.