PSaMP Is About To Hit Another Personal Milestone

So I happen to make big deals out of personal milestones around here (They’re called personal for a reason). My 100th post was exciting (to me) and now PSaMP is about to welcome its 1,000th visitor!

Starting this blog, I was happy when 1 or 2 people stumbled across my disoriented mumblings, mainly through that crazy and unpredictable blogger navbar at the top of the page. And while 1,000 visitors is nothing huge, it means a lot to me.

Many thanks must go out to the swell readers from Mondesis House and Have A Good Sandwich. I’ve gotten some great positive feedback, a couple sweet compliments and a several tips for future posts from the awesome audiences of both sites, and I can’t say how much that means to PSaMP! You are the reason I wake up and write every day (grabs kleenex…wipes tear from eye…throws kleenex away). Who would’ve thought 1,000 people would ever read about Pittsburgh Sports coupled with some wicked miniature equine?

There’s nothing huge planned, but I just wanted to acknowledge in print that I appreciate each and every read. I’d be hard pressed to find a cooler feeling than new readers leaving awesome emails to someone (me) that they never met before.

Thanks again. Hope you find something you like.