PSaMP on MySpace

I don’t subscribe to the whole MySpace culture. I used to have a personal MySpace page before the thing blew up and got huge. But that’s neither here nor there.

PSaMP has opened its official MySpace page, available by following this link. Its the weakest MySpace page you’ll ever see. Honestly. I’ve “friended” a crazy assortment of characters, all with their own theme music and personalized profiles. Mine is gray. With some white and yellow lettering, I think.

But I figured, why the hell not? Maybe I can bring a slew of readers of a different variety to PSaMP. Maybe they’ll like what they see. Maybe they won’t. No harm in trying.

My real reasoning for starting it was so that I could see if I can post videos from MySpace TV onto my blog.

Unfortunately, someone has the name PSaMP, so the end of my MySpace url is sportsnponies.

So check it out. Friend me if you want. I can assure you that my page will not get any better than what you see. Deal with it.

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