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Since you, the reader, don’t personally know me, I thought I’d take the time to answer some of your questions. Did Tec really graduate from Steelers training camp…St. Vincent College? Does best friend/college roommate Bob actually exist? Is Tec really a sports fan? Is he a poser Pittsburgh sports fan? Does he grow a ZZ Top beard day after day a la Tim Allen in the Santa Clause? Does Tec love giving the peace sign?

Here’s a glimpse into my past, all you question-givers. Yes, that is a St. Vincent College dorm room. That’s Bob (the taller one). Sports apparel and merchandise, more specifically, Pittsburgh sports apparel and merchandise is on full display. That is a ZZ Top beard and a peace sign.

Now for those pesky numbers. Time to explain what everything is. For the record, that is only one wall. Every other wall had more of the same.

1. Steelers shirt circa 1993
2. Traditional Terrible Towel (mine, actually)
3. Autographed Jack Lambert picture (thanks, Sheen)
4. Black Terrible Towel (Bob’s)
5. Random Pirates bobblehead (obscured by my elbow)
6. Fantastic Steelers artwork (Big Ben , Hines, Bettis, Lombardi Trophy)
7. Super Bowl XL seat cushion (Bob received it at Ford Field…lucky bastard)
8. Steelers Super Bowl Champion hat (we both bought one immediately following the win)
9. Bettis authentic away jersey
10. Goblet and rocket (not Pittsburgh and/or sports related)
11. Big Ben #7 football-shaped magnet

And I think that’s Marquette basketball on the tube. Can’t really explain that one, Pitt fans. I’m thinking it was Pitt/Marquette.

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