Rappers Do Not Follow Baseball

If you’re like me, you constantly ask yourself things like, “I wonder if awful, mainstream, wanna-be hip hop artists are good at keeping up with the national sports scene…”

Don’t lie. You’ve thought of that word-for-word. You can admit it. I don’t judge.

Above is a screenshot of the new video for Shawty is a 10, by flavor of the month The Dream. These dudes obviously don’t watch baseball.*

Dude on the right is lookin’ fly in his pinstripe Hotlanta Braves lid cocked ever so slightly to the right. Only problem is that the Braves finished the season with a record of 84-78 (.519), putting them 5 games behind the Phillies in the division and 5.5 games back in the wild card. Sure, they made a splash by picking up Teixeira, but they couldn’t keep up with the NL top-feeders. No playoffs…no respect from PSaMP.

Fatty on the left did a little better by riding the Phillies bandwagon. At least his choice made it into October. His pea-soup-green Phillies hat, also cocked (with more emphasis than his Braves-loving boy) to the right, says that he don’t mess around with no non-playoffs teams’ hats. Philly was 89-73 (.549), which magically won the East. Once they got to October, the Phillies were owned by the Colorado “Used To Employ Dante Bichette” Rockies. In game 1, Philly got straight worked by Jeff Francis. John Madden has dropped Brett Favre cliches that are older than Francis looks. Plus, the hat is pea-soup-green! In a black-and-white shot! How the hell did he do that?

The combined winning percentage of these two teams represented is 173-151 (.534). In the National League, that winning percentage is only better than one NL playoff team, the Cubbies (.525). For those who forget, the Cubbies won the Central, possibly the worst division in baseball. The Cubbies also got swept.

Without the nearly unprecedented Mets collapse, we are talking about two non-playoffs teams with a combined winning percentage that barely eclipses the cursed Cubs.

But I guess if we’re supposed to look at the bright side, they weren’t supporting the Nats and Reds (or…dare I say…the Pirates),

Great choice of headgear. I’m certain your music will have a shelf-life of more than 15 minutes.

*Me being stupid. I don’t need the hatemail from people defending these tools who are probably reppin’ fo they hoods. Sorry.

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